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IE-MiniMc/IE-Giga-MiniMc (IE=Industrial Equipment)

The IE-MiniMc and IE-Giga-MiniMc Series are Industrial Equipment (IE) versions of the popular MiniMc Series, offering a range of tramsmission speeds, extended temperature, multiple powering options, DIN rail mounting.

IE-MiniMc/IE-Giga-MiniMc (IE=Industrial Equipment) 
IE-MiniMc 10/100Mbps 
Using AC power adapter: IE=0°C to +50°C 
not using AC adapter: IE=35°C to 70°C 
855-19720 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-MM850 ST (-20°C to +70°C) 2km  Call for Pricing
855-19721 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-MM850 SC (-20°C to +70°C) 2km  Call for Pricing
855-19722 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-MM1300 ST 2km  Call for Pricing
855-19723 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-MM1300 SC 2km  Call for Pricing
855-19724 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-SM1310/Plus ST 30km  Call for Pricing
855-19725 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-SM1310/Plus SC 30km  Call for Pricing
855-19730 IE-MiniMc TX/FX-SM1550/Long SC 80km  Call for Pricing
IE-MiniMc 10/100Mbps Single Strand 
855-19752 IE-MiniMc TX/SSFX-SM1310xmt/1550rcv SC 20km  Call for Pricing
855-19753 IE-MiniMc TX/SSFX-SM1550xmt/1310rcv SC 20km  Call for Pricing
IE-MiniMc 10/100/1000Mbps  
856-18830 IE-Giga-MiniMc TX/SX-MM850 SC 550m  Call for Pricing
856-18831 IE-Giga-MiniMc TX/LX-SM1310 SC 15km  Call for Pricing
856-18832 IE-Giga-MiniMc TX/LX-SM1310/Plus SC 30km  Call for Pricing
IE-Giga-MiniMc 10/100/1000Mbps Single Strand 
856-18835 IE-Giga-MiniMc TX/SSLX SM1310xmt/1550rcv SC 15km  Call for Pricing
856-18836 IE-Giga-MiniMc TX/SSLX SM1550xmt/1310rcv SC 15km  Call for Pricing
Note: 1310nm to 1610nm CWDM versions available 
850-13086 IE-PowerTray/18 AC Chassis (IE = -20°C - +70°C)  Call for Pricing
806-39105 DIN clip  Call for Pricing
806-39638 Double-USB Power Cable 36"  Call for Pricing
806-39650 Barrel-connector Power Cable 0.3m (12")  Call for Pricing
895-39229 Wall Mount Bracket  Call for Pricing
806-39753 IE-Power/5V module, AC to DC DIN rail power adapter  Call for Pricing
806-39720 AC Power Adapter  Call for Pricing

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