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Core Products Data Communications Multiplexers

RAD ASMi-52 2/4-Wire SHDSL Modem/Mux

    The ASMi-52 SHDSL modem and multiplexer transmits combined data streams (E1, Ethernet or serial) over an SHDSL link at various data rates. The ASMi-52 SHDSL modem incorporates TC-PAM technology, extending the transmission range and enabling carriers to reach more users at higher data rates over larger distances in the Last Mile.
  • Operates over 2-wire and 4-wire lines, enabling service over any copper infrastructure
  • Compatible with SHDSL repeaters, enabling long distance applications
  • Utilizes TC-PAM line coding for extending the operation range to 9.5 km (5.9 miles) without repeaters
  • Provides extensive diagnostics, including loopbacks, SHDSL and E1 performance monitoring
  • Supports dry contact applications such as SCADA
  • Reliable performance over poor quality or noisy lines
  • Automatic configuration allows plug and play installation

    ASMi-52.pdf (1044 KB)

ASMi-52/@/*/#/%/$/? 2/4-wire SHDSL Standalone modem   Call for Pricing
ASMi-52CD^/*/#/RJ-45 Dual-modem card version for LRS-24 modem rack   Call for Pricing
ASMi-52CQ^/*/2W/& Quad-modem card version for LRS-24 modem rack   Call for Pricing
ASMi-52/24/ETH/4W/ME/AR/RAIL 4-wire SHDSL Rail-mount modem 24VDC version  Call for Pricing
ASMi-52/ETH/4W/ME/AR/RAIL 4-wire SHDSL Rail-mount modem VAC/-48VDC version  Call for Pricing
@ Specify PS 
Note: Do not specify @ for the default VAC or -48 VDC option  
24V 24VDC option   Call for Pricing
^ Specify Chassis Type 
F for ETSI-type LRS-24 rack  Call for Pricing
B for ANSI-type LRS-24 rack   Call for Pricing
* Specify DTE Interface 
X.21 X.21 Interface   Call for Pricing
V.35 V.35 Interface   Call for Pricing
E1 E1 Interface   Call for Pricing
RS530 RS-530 Interface   Call for Pricing
IP IR-IP module   Call for Pricing
ETH for 10/100BaseT Interface (for Standalone & ASMi-52CQ)  Call for Pricing
T1 for T1 Interface (for Standalone & ASMi-52CQ)   Call for Pricing
E1B for E1 Balanced Interface (for ASMi-52CD & ASMi-52CQ)  Call for Pricing
E1UB for E1 Unbalanced Interface (for ASMi-52CD & ASMi-52CQ)   Call for Pricing
UTPQN for IR-ETH/QN Interface (for ASMi-52CD only)  Call for Pricing
# Specify Line Interface  
2W 2-wire Interface   Call for Pricing
4W 4-wire Interface   Call for Pricing
% Specify Second Interface  
ETH for 10/100BaseT Interface (Standalone with E1 or serial DTE interfaces only)  Call for Pricing
V.35 for V.35 Interface (Standalone with E1 Interface only)  Call for Pricing
$ Specify AR for 6-pin Alarm Relay Port  
? Specify ME for Metal Enclosure  
& Specify Line Interface Connector  
RJ for RJ-11  Call for Pricing
TB for Terminal Block   Call for Pricing
RJ45 for RJ45  Call for Pricing
ASMi-52 Cables  
CBL-RJ45/2BNC/E1/X Interface adapter for converting balanced E1 RJ-45 connector into a pair of BNC unbalanced coax connectors  Call for Pricing
CBL-DB9F-DB9M-STR Control port cable   Call for Pricing
ASMi-52CD Cables  
CBL-SCS26/530/F One SCSI-26 to one female RS-530 (DB25) connector  Call for Pricing
CBL-SCS26/X21/F One SCSI-26 to one female X.21 (DB15) connector  Call for Pricing
CBL-SCS26/V35/F One SCSI-26 to one female V.35 (34-pin) connector   Call for Pricing
CBL-LRSI25/DB25/UB/M One DB25 to four male BNC coax connectors  Call for Pricing
ASMi-52CQ Cables  
CBL-CQ-RS530/F One SCSI-68 to four female RS-530 (DB25) connectors  Call for Pricing
CBL-CQ-V35/F One SCSI-68 to four female V.35 (34-pin) connectors   Call for Pricing
CBL-CQ-X21/F One SCSI-68 to four female X.21 (DB15) connectors  Call for Pricing
CBL-LRSI21/DB25/UB/M One DB25 to eight male BNC coax connectors  Call for Pricing
CBL-LRSI21/DB25/UB/F One DB25 to eight female BNC coax connectors   Call for Pricing
Rackmount kits  
RM-33 Kit for mounting 1 single-interface unit (plastic enclosure) ina 19" rack  Call for Pricing
RM-33-2 Kit for mounting 1 or 2 dual-interface unit (plastic enclosure) ina 19" rack   Call for Pricing
RM-35/P1 Kit for mounting 1 unit (metal enclosure) in a 19" rack  Call for Pricing
RM-35/P2 Kit for mounting 2 dual-interface unit (metal enclosure) in a 19" rack  Call for Pricing

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