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Matrox Graphics is a leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions for professional markets such as finance, digital media, medical imaging, industrial, and enterprise computing.

KVM Extenders Over Fibre

Separate Keyboard, Video, and mouse from the computer by up to 1km (3280 ft) with fibre optic cabling to deliver a user experience with less noise, less heat, and more workspace.

  • Avio Series
  • Extio Series
KVM Extenders Over Fibre
Graphic Expansion Modules

Add external multi-monitor support to laptops, PCs, and workstations. Customers benefit from multi-display computing without the need to open PC chassis.

  • DualHead2Go
  • TripleHead2Go
Graphic Expansion Modules
Graphic Cards
Low power consumption, fanless cooling, up to 8 monitors,exceptional performance and image quality
Ultra-low power consumption, fanless cooling, dual and quad monitor, easy to deploy
Cost effective and highly flexible DualHead graphic cards
Graphic Cards

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