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What's new in KVM's at Adder?

ADDER's advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions enable the reliable control of local, remote and global IT Systems

AdderLink ipeps (IP engine per Server)
A powerful and flexible KVM-over-IP product

  • BIOS level control
  • Uses Real VNC client software for secure high performance KVM-over-IP
  • Optional ADDER.NET Enterprise Management Software
  • Virtual Media Support
  • Enterprise grade security
  • A complete, secure, non-blocking solution
  • Palm size unit, interface powered, can be rack-mounted
AdderLink ipeps

AdderLink IP Gold
Secure high performance internet or dial-up access to your computers

  • High performance video, Real VNC option
  • Auto-sensing digital or analogue video
  • Audio-via-IP
  • Virtual media support
AdderLink IP Gold

AdderView CATx Switch
A secure KVM via CATx switch that provides 4 concurrent local, remote or global users with BIOS-level control of up to 512 multi-platform servers

  • 16 or 24-port versions available
  • Available with or without integrated secure IP connectivity
  • Enterprise Grade Security on IP models using AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication
  • True multi-platform support – PS/2, USB, Sun
  • Integrated remote power control
  • Faultless quality video (up to 1900 x 1440 resolutions with DDC emulation – up to 1600 x 1200 on IP links) and optional CD quality audio
AdderView CATx Switch

AdderLink X200 USB Extender
The X200 extends USB KVM for 1 or 2 computers over CATx up to 1000-ft.

  • Supports USB, PS/2 & Sun computers
  • High video performance & optional De-skew
  • Built-in 2-port KVM Switch
  • Optional Digital audio

Note: The AdderLink X200 receiver can also be used as a remote user station for the AdderView CATx range of KVM switches.

AdderLink X200 USB Extender

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